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 Interested in a chatroom?
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This may let the members 'yap' in a non-delayed way. Ask a question, maybe a response real quick.

I have a spare server for this, plus the needed services/etc.

It would be a 'private' server, so there wouldn't be all the trolls, morons, and script kiddies in there (if you've ever been to most irc channels, like any on Freenode, you know what I mean). It would allow the admins to do as they wish, without having to get 'permission' from some mysterious 'network admin staff'.

Just a thought...


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Posts: 2,323
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I think a chat area would be a great idea as long as we could limit it to SimplySolar members. No trolls or stupid SPAM telling me how my neighbors' friends' mom makes $$$ in only a few hours on the internet each month. Could also be a good way for newbies to ask questions.

Greg in MN[thumb]
Scott Davis

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Super Moderator
Posts: 697
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Sounds interesting CW!  The only downside is losing content for others to refer to later.  Still, it might be handy.
Take care, Scott MD

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Posts: 1,068
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Originally Posted by Scott Davis
...The only downside is losing content for others to refer to later.

That would be my worry too.


Both temperature rise and airflow are integral to comparing hot air collectors

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Is there a way to preserve and search for content of a chat? Or a chat room for each subject?



Posts: 303
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Using 'bots', all chat in the channel can be logged (I currently use this process in the 'public' channels on my Android irc server, for admin purposes).

Somebody could, rather easily, download the log of the previous day, and save them somewhere for perusal later.

What I have setup, with the bot, is this:
  • Swear Filter: Can/does boot/ban a nick(nickname) from the channel, depending on amount of times 'caught'. Up to and including not even being able to login to the server. Not all functions in this are automated, because you really need the 'human touch'. Everybody makes boo-boo's, and allowances have to be made. But, you also need the correct 'staff' to help out in there, anyway. And they even have other options.
  • Forum Feed: The forum the irc channel is 'connected' to has an rss feed, and the bot checks the forum for new posts, and announces them in the channel.
  • Logs: Save the chat in channels, the server issues, etc, all in seperate timestamped logs.
  • Web Search: In channel Google Search
  • 'Special Forum Post Links': The most common and useful forum posts are in a special list the bot can call up.
  • Prevents most 'attacks' in the channel: Makes the chatting 'smoother'
  • A few other things
Logging/posting the chat channel logs is really easy. In txt format.

The channel would only be as good as the ops (operators) that run it. All of the functions of the bot can be modified, by a person with the right privileges, fairly easily.


Posts: 3
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I think a chat area would be a great idea as long as we could limit it to SimplySolar members?

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Posts: 2,323
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I could see the value of a chat area. I suggested it a couple of years ago. But one of the most important things about this site is the sharing of information. A private conversation could help clean up the "clutter" when a conversation sways off topic. Members are pretty good at steering a conversation back to the topic at hand. If the conversation is relevant to the subject of the forum, everyone not in the chat can and will lose out on some good discussion. With the SS group I don't know if a swear filter is needed. Vulgar language is pretty rare on this site. Is there a way to have a chat with photos and illustrations? Is this to be a link within the SS site where two, or more individuals could go to chat? I know there are times I would like to talk about the football game, the new job, etcetera, but I don't want to clog up the general discussion forum. I also agree with doliii that it should be restricted to SS members.

Greg in MN

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Posts: 2,907
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I thought that was the whole idea behind the "forum chat" section.
Solar is like the wind. It may be free, but putting it to work isn't!
Willie, Tampa Bay

Posts: 269
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although a neat idea  I'm not sure if it would ever get used.  I can leave for almost a week log back in and only find 4 or 5 new posts needing read to catch up.  There's not a ton of us on this board.
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