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Links Guidelines Scott Davis 1,060 2
by ctnguyen98
Solar panel efficiency Moark Willy 34 1
by SolarInterested
Heat Storage Hypocausts: Air Heating in the Middle Ages sundug 66 1
by stmbtwle
Extremely Cost-Effective and Efficient Solar Vapor Generation under Nonconcentrated Illumination Using Thermally Isolated Black Paper sundug 98 5
by stmbtwle
Solar can already generate more energy than oil, says major scientific review sundug 44 1
by stmbtwle
Tools and Calculators (for use with solar building and design)
1 2 3
solardan1959 3,042 26
by MinnTom
Swiss technology can store heat in the summer to warm up your home all winter sundug 125 5
by Old McDonald
Durable Solar Cooker sustainablealli 62 4
by solardan1959
A homemade flow hood Bert 54 3
by gbwillson
Overhang calculator Bert 43 2
by MinnTom
Source for Heavy Duty Screen Frames
1 2
gbwillson 123 11
by gbwillson
Solar Hot Water Heating Systems for Your Home sundug 114 8
by stmbtwle
World’s First PV-Powered Solar Water Heating Solution Delivers Net Solar Value | sundug 91 4
by sundug
MIT material stores solar energy and releases it as heat on demand sundug 107 0
by sundug
FLIR ONE for iphone 5 guy 126 8
by guy
When is the Darkest Day of Winter? sundug 95 7
by EcoMotive
Solar Tilt Bert 326 0
by Bert
Clear solar cells NYNick 633 0
by NYNick
Arduino tutorials and related links SolarInterested 1,152 0
by SolarInterested
SHCS - Subterranean Heating & Cooling System Garage_Hermit 3,578 6
by kcl1s
Hot air panel parts solardan1959 2,912 4
by gbwillson
Stockholm Solar Challenge - Take the chance to see your solar energy idea implemented! annasqore 499 1
by mattie
Soldering aluminum stmbtwle 569 2
by stmbtwle
Thermal selective coating stmbtwle 1,222 9
by solardan1959
Where to Insulate in a Home... Garage_Hermit 747 1
by stmbtwle
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