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Subject Author Views Replies    Last Post
Electrify your bike HarryA 37 1
by stmbtwle
Free Solar Energy Courses HarryA 39 1
by stmbtwle
How to use a snap switch without running 120v inside collector
1 2
Bert 198 15
by stmbtwle
Easy Pipe and Tube Insulation gbwillson 741 6
by gbwillson
Snap Switch Circuit Additions GOM 162 4
by KevinH
BRAIN FOOD! Use baseboard hot water to pre-heat your domestic hot water storage tank. Make sense? solarusmc 162 7
by Garage_Hermit
Use SMART STRIPS / what they are and how do they work... solarusmc 166 8
by stmbtwle
Soldering to Aluminum GOM 315 0
by GOM
Using the Solar Radiation Tables... Garage_Hermit 547 0
by Garage_Hermit
Extreme Screen Tightening!
1 2
gbwillson 1,303 15
by gbwillson
Use suit coat or winter coat lining material to build your own backdraft damper. solarusmc 2,121 8
by solardan1959
Eliminate Glazing Film Static Cling! gbwillson 520 0
by gbwillson
Twin-wall polycarbonate glazing info
1 2
gbwillson 1,834 16
by NYNick
How To Bend Rigid PVC Drain Pipe Garage_Hermit 1,967 2
by sparky
Free insulation! gbwillson 1,073 5
by stmbtwle
Backplate material (moved) stmbtwle 1,039 3
by gbwillson
Cutting Corrugated PVC -- simple operation, long story... Garage_Hermit 1,677 3
by KenD
Cover for outside insulated tubing. Seatec 1,486 5
by KevinH
Cover for solar panel in summer Seatec 1,402 1
by brokejame
PEX Minimal Bending Radius Garage_Hermit 1,186 1
by netttech
Use your panel as a dehumidifier in summer. Seatec 1,212 0
by Seatec
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