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Subject Author Views Replies    Last Post
Is Solar Really Worthwhile?
1 2
Scott Davis 3,849 17
by stmbtwle
How Much Can I Save With Solar?
1 2
Scott Davis 3,504 14
by KevinH
Typical Progression of Adding Solar to My Home? Scott Davis 2,868 5
by hhampster
Having Trouble Getting Started With Solar?
1 2
Scott Davis 2,738 12
by gbwillson
How should I aim my solar panels? Scott Davis 3,560 4
by sheilagonzalez
Can I build a stealthy collector my neighborhood association won't mind?
1 2 3
Scott Davis 4,409 21
by Rick Stone
Pros and Cons of Choosing Water (Hydronic) and Air Solar Collectors Scott Davis 2,871 3
by ChrisJ
Can I do something to the windows of my home to transform them into solar collectors? Scott Davis 2,499 3
by Scott L
Sizing fans
1 2 3
gregkn73 148 21
by JohnGuest
Introductory solar kit unclsmitty 103 9
by stmbtwle
Off grid design
1 2
Diallodjeri 109 13
by Rick H Parker
“Solar Glass” to harvest energy from UV and infrared rays of sun
1 2
Insolergy 85 14
by stmbtwle
Need solar installation- Help luckylukee 86 6
by luckylukee
Learning about solar setup and accounting for losses a long the way wire tags 10 0
by wire tags
Adding Solar Heat to an Old House
1 2 3 4
Jim 229 37
by Bruce
Wire gauge for pv panel Geoff 58 3
by Rick H Parker
Thinking of rigging a solar panel to a tower fan.
1 2
Scootdawg 79 13
by Scootdawg
Limited time opportunity to get huge solar subsidy under the SECI scheme rajesharm 38 0
by rajesharm
DC heater for avocado trees ddllmcb 56 4
by Rick H Parker
12Vdc to 24Vac for remote irrigation timers ddllmcb 51 2
by Rick H Parker
Issue with first project - drone battery solar charger hacktorious 71 9
by stmbtwle
Grid Export Hybrid Solar PCU dipamsarma 63 1
by dipamsarma
Have sixteen APC 60VA 12v batteries I want to buy solar panel & charge controller for and need advice.. redcloud 41 3
by stmbtwle
Connecting 4 solar panels in parallel, need help NSsolar 83 7
by stmbtwle
Newbie Building a new home YileKu 87 4
by mvas
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