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     Welcome, News, Guidelines and Chat
Thanks for visiting! Please click here for posting guidelines and to learn what Simply Solar is all about!
210 18 Real world cable losses (experience, not calculation!)
by SolarInterested
Community News & Announcements
15 3 Simply Solar Forum Created - 11/14/2012!
by gbwillson
General Discussion and Chat Page
This is the place to ask your questions and for general discussion of topics not specific to the other forum categories. Got a question, a brainstorm or something interesting to share? Please use this forum, click New Topic and post it here!
4446 512 What do you like and do not like in solar panels installed on the roof
by stmbtwle
Forum Chat - Suggestions for Content, etc.
Use this forum to suggest any organization, content and features for the forum site.
246 20 Place test posts here.
by SolarInterested
Please post any interesting solar related links (that are not advertising and conform to our links policy) here!
225 46 Solar Technologies Of Days Gone By — Solar Thermal Trains, Solar-Powered Ice Cream Makers, & Solar Steam Engines
by stmbtwle
     Getting Started With Solar
Solar Basics 101
The very basics of solar.
435 48 Why can't I find anyone who has the slightest idea how lead-acid batteries work?
by stmbtwle
Getting Started with Solar
First steps and help getting started with your first solar projects.
452 53 Solarguy2018
by gbwillson
     Member Projects - Please use a topic title that includes your name and brief description.
Member Projects!
Everyone is encouraged to post descriptions and pictures of all your projects here!
6608 218 handymandhdw collector # 2 repiping to cpvc
by ChrisJ
     Solar Collector Types
Solar Hot Air Collectors
Topics related to solar hot air collectors.
4172 234 DC Fan Box - Would this work?
by stmbtwle
Solar Liquid (Hydronic) Collectors
Topics related to liquid (hydronic) solar collectors
1351 115 Brainstorm or Hairbrained idea plans for a solar home
by stmbtwle
Solar Electric (PV) Collectors and Systems
The emphasis of this site is solar thermal heating systems. Solar space heating and hot water systems best lend themselves to DIY as they are the easiest to build, have a quick payback and are the safest, but our site wouldn't be complete without a place for PV enthusiasts too!
742 79 Sweet Spot
by jjackstone
Solar Collector Hybrids (Air and Liquid in one panel)
A forum for discussion of hybrid air and liquid panels, combined in one collector box.
141 6 Hot air and Water just not simultaneously...
by jezter6
     Solar Thermal Storage and Distribution
Solar Thermal Storage
Methods for storing heat.
461 49 Is 55 gallons a useful amount of thermal storage for a bedroom?
by myk3y
Solar Heat Distribution
Methods for distributing solar collected heat to your living space.
127 19 Hydronic rug?
by stmbtwle
     DIY Solar Experimentation and Performance
DIY Solar Experimentation & Performance
Discussion of experimentation, side by side testing and performance expectations of various collector designs.
1479 97 Rand solar cooker
by sundug
     Construction Corner
Overall System Design
Topics related to overall system design.
816 85 simple RV solar system
by stmbtwle
Construction and Parts
Construction techniques, parts (glazing, pumps, blowers, differential controllers, etc.)
908 117 Can you safely use a motorbike 12V GEL battery in a PV system ?
by stmbtwle
Quick Tips
Everything from how to run your wiring inside your ductwork, a trick you learned on cutting insulation, painting, etc. In other words, how to do something better, as well as tips on how NOT to do something. We've all made mistakes and learned a better, faster or safer way to build our collectors. These should not be long, drawn out explanations, but little nuggets to share with others.
126 22 Cut rigid insulation with a taping knife
by sundug
     Greenhouses, Sunspaces and Gardening
Greenhouses are of course great solar collectors by default. They can be enhanced even more through effective thermal storage and additional collector area.
276 28 Year-Round Citrus in Nebraska with Solar and Earth Tubes
by stmbtwle
Sunspaces are an excellent approach to capturing the Sun's free heat and provide more living space too! Please post any specific builds in the Member Projects section, but all general discussion of Sunspaces is welcome here.
31 3 My sunspace
by gregkn73
Gardening, Hydroponics and Aquaponics
Solar can be incorporated into your garden for higher yields and a longer growing season. Inside a greenhouse or out, whether simply heating your soil with underground pex or more exotic approaches to raise plants and animals, here is the place to brainstorm solar gardening, hydroponics and aquaponics.
129 12 Compost Heat Generator
by Bert

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